Denise Jones

Author & Inspirational Speaker

Changing Your Mindset

Change happens and you can’t avoid it. That’s a fact. However, learning to live by design instead of by default is what often separates those who succeed with those who continually wonder why their life sucks. Good news! You can actually train your brain to avoid those types of circumstances that create anchors holding you down, and instead, learn how to give your life wings. Here are several ways I’ve found useful to shift my mindset. See if they might work for you.

You Come First

I know it is not the popular thing to say, but it is nonetheless true: You MUST put yourself first. What do I mean by that? I mean you need to choose to engage in personal development with as much energy and enthusiasm as you do your menu item at a nice restaurant. If you look at successful businesswomen they all have this in common: they set aside time each week (even each day) for self development. That can take form in many ways, from meditation, daily devotionals, yoga, or simply setting aside time to ready something uplifting or motivating. Take a moment to decide what you can do each day, and at the very least once a week, for yourself.

Counting Your Blessings

I know…some of you will cry foul at the subheading, but hear me out. When you make a habit of noticing at least three things a day that have been positive for you, or something you’ve had a hand in making positive for others….you will retrain your mind to see change as an opportunity for growth. You may find how incredibly easy it is to notice all the brilliant things that happen to you in the span of a day. It could be as little as getting the choice parking spot when you go for lunch, or it could be an unexpected phone call from a friend you’ve lost touch with.

It’s Okay to be Vulnerable

If you’ve not experienced the wisdom and works of Brene Brown, then I encourage you to do so. One of my most favorite quotes from her is: ‘Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change’. I don’t know about you, but I love what that hints at. Making yourself open to others emotionally, isn’t a weakness. It’s a strength. It took me a long time to get to that place, believe me. So much of my life had been governed by how tough I could look on the outside. But when you hide your value and your vulnerability you often cut off the very help, direction and mentor that you need. If you put up a strong front all the time it is not only tiring, but it hides you from sight. How can you inspire others,

or even motivate others to help your cause if you don’t seem like you need the help? Take a moment right now to think about something that’s been bothering you, or a problem with your personal or professional life that doesn’t seem to be resolving itself. Confess these concerns to a trusted person, or reach out to someone within your community who has achieved what you hope to achieve. Chances are good…they can help.

What’s Your Why?

Why do you want to change? Why do you think you need to change the way you look at things? These are two very important questions. Because many of the habits you have formed and the way you view
your life are often habits and beliefs you’ve had since you were a little kid. Think of a goal you’d like to achieve. Write it on a piece of paper, then next to it write WHY you want to chieve it. Dig deep and refuse to accept the easy answer of “it will make me

happy” or  “then I’ll be richer”. WHY is achieving this goal important? If you know your why you can revisit this statement anytime you start to have negative thoughts about it. This will make your WHY stronger than the ‘what if’ statements….and eventually positive change and a new mindset will be the result.

Changing your mindset is a conscious choice. Use these steps to help you get started today.