Denise Jones

Author & Inspirational Speaker

About the Book

This raw and personal memoir chronicles one woman's journey through life on Chicago's west side - from poverty, incest, drug addiction, incarceration, and lesbianism - to eventually gaining sobriety, spiritual redemption, and inner peace.

'Who Said it Couldn't be Done?' is a heartwarming and inspirational story about a little girl whose family failed her.

Denise Jones was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1960. By the time she was 5, she had been molested by several family members. At age 11, her mother introduced her to an environment overridden with drugs, sex and crime.

By age 12, Denise was shooting up heroin, committing robbery, and stealing cars - in order to support her drug habit. This lifestyle went on for almost fifteen years.

In 1986, at age 26, Denise met the Lord Jesus Christ, who gave her a second chance and rewrote her destiny. Upon changing her lifestyle and connecting with positive people, Denise overcame the adversities controlling her life.

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" 'Who Said it Couldn't be Done? A Diamond from the Rough' is a powerful book that offers inspiration and encouraging messages to people from all walks of life."

"A fine pick for those looking for an inspirational memoir: It's a long road to just having a stable life. 'Who Said It Couldn't Be Done?: A Diamond from the Rough' is a memoir from Denise Jones, as she tells the story of her long road to some semblance of normalcy in life. Simple and profound, her story is inspiring and reminds us that anyone can recover from anything."

"Wow....It is very hard to rate this book as this is someone's life. Who's to say what rating it should have, as it just IS. I give this novel 5 stars for its honesty and thoroughness, and for the gift of experiencing this raw, blatant, disturbing, inspiring story. I give this story 5 stars because of the author's survival and triumph, and for sharing her story and living through it!"